Imperas with its OVP Fast Processor Models is addressing key issues in software development for embedded systems. We are happy to work with Imperas to ensure that high quality models are easily available to our worldwide customers, helping them to develop and test software faster and more easily using virtual platforms.

In the automotive electronics industry we always need to do more testing of our embedded systems software. Finding that the simulation performance of the Imperas/OVP V850 model was 50 times faster than our previous solution opens up new possibilities for us in software testing, and enables us to increase our test coverage and product reliability.

For our SystemC training courses, we want the attendees to focus on building SystemC models, and how to use those models. By using OVP Fast Processor Models, which work easily in SystemC virtual platforms, students do not have to worry about processor models, and are able to get the most out of our courses. The OVP models work well in our SystemC environment and also with other SystemC tools. We are excited to be able to expand our design service offerings in virtual platforms to our customers.

Virtual platforms are providing significant benefits to our software team, as they make it easier to maintain existing software and develop new applications for existing avionics systems. Key attributes of virtual platforms are realizing far greater speed of software simulation, especially for multiprocessor systems, having more standard approaches to develop models to, and being able to use open source models of processors and peripherals already available, making it easier for us to build our own efficient models of complete avionics systems.

The integration of HES with OVPsim enables hardware and software design teams to implement virtual models of processors, memory and peripherals while the RTL modules run in the emulator board. This new integration provides a high performance solution, ideal for early HW/SW co-development and architectural exploration.