Modern Software Development Methodology for RISC-V Devices

At the 6th RISC-V Workshop in Shanghai in May 2017, Larry Lapides of Imperas gave a presentation entitled Modern Software Development Methodology for RISC-V Devices. The presentation explores how the success of RISC-V is dependent upon the easy porting and bring up of legacy software, and the easy development of software for new RISC-V devices being built. The embedded systems community is increasingly adopting virtual prototypes, or virtual platforms, to achieve higher software quality and reduce software engineering schedules. Instruction-accurate virtual prototypes offer advantages over hardware-based development platforms in controllability, observability, repeatability, and ease of automation. Virtual platforms can also be available to the entire software team months before hardware platforms can be used. This presentation discusses the complementary nature of virtual and hardware platforms as well as Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Test (CT) development methodology. Click below to watch the video recording of this presentation.