M*SDK - Advanced Multicore Software Development Kit


The focus of the Imperas products is to save engineering time in the development of embedded software, primarily achieved by making the engineering process significantly more efficient through the use of high-performance simulation and automated, powerful tooling.

cpuGen - CPU Model Generation

cpuGen™ - Processor Model Framework Generation

The Open Virtual Platform (OVP) modeling methodology may be leveraged to produce extremely high performance, instruction accurate processor models. These models can operate within OVP C, within C++ and SystemC TLM2 virtual platform formats. OVP’s modeling infrastructure simplifies the model development process and, when combined with cpuGen, a processor model framework generator, reduces months long model development programs to just a few weeks or less.

QuantumLeap - Virtual Platform Simulation Acceleration


QuantumLeap is a parallel simulation performance accelerator that leverages a new synchronization algorithm to provide the fastest virtual platform software execution speed available. The execution performance of this new technology has been measured on average at 15 times faster than the nearest commercial solution using standard benchmarks.

ISS - The Imperas Instruction Set Simulator

Instruction Set Simulator (ISS) - fast, simple, easy to use, cross software development for embedded systems

The Imperas ISS is often the first simulation product used in an embedded software development project. The Imperas ISS allows the development and debug of code for the target architecture on an x86 host PC with the minimum of setup and effort. It simply requires the cross compilation of your application and running the ISS with an argument to specify the name of the application object.

DEV - Virtual Platform Development and Simulation


Controller, Standard and Multicore Virtual Platform Developer Products


The Imperas Developer products consist of tools, models and infrastructure components critical for the high quality, rapid development and verification of embedded software, utilizing virtual platforms. The Developer products provide the necessary capabilities to develop platforms, including software simulation capability to execute embedded code on the platforms.