QuantumLeap Parallel Simulation using multi-core host PC gaining significant simulation speed.

A demonstration video showing the Imperas QuantumLeap accelerator on several examples on a 4 core i7-3770 host PC to gain up to 16 billion Instructions a second.The video show gains from using QuantumLeap on peripheral accelerators.It then covers booting SMP Linux on an ARM VersatileExpress virtual platform that incorporates a Cortex-A9MPx4 and shows running 4 applications in parallel under the simulated Linux and shows the QuantumLeap performance increase.The video concludes showing AMP peak performance of over 16 billion instructions per second on a Cortex-A9:


Imperas Simulators are Fast

The big challenge is getting simulators to scale

QuantumLeap features

Demonstration 1 - Accelerating Peripheral and Hardware Algorithms

Demonstration 2 - Accelerating Symmetric Multicore Processor (SMP) designs

Demonstration 3 - Accelerating Asymmetric Multicore Processor (AMP) designs