Virtual Platforms for early Embedded Software Development

At the 7th RISC-V Workshop in Barcelona in May 2018, Kevin McDermott of Imperas gave a presentation entitled Virtual Platforms for early Embedded Software Development. The presentation covers how new IP solutions and SoCs based on RISC-V need to rapidly attract the attention and support of both key ecosystem providers and attract the elusive customer interest. Providing an early simulation based Fixed Platform that demonstrates the key features of both RISC-V, extensions and other enhancements of a new IP solution or SoC is a widely regarded as a good start. To be really useful a developer also needs full software development tools and support. RISC-V has many unique advantages and features that is attaching significant attention from emerging applications and new business areas, these applications are pioneering new innovations. The needs for early softwate development platforms has never been greater. Click below to watch the video recording of this presentation.